Florida & Lavalle Streets

Hundreds of people travel daily through the Florida and Lavalle pedestrians, from Argentines, through Colombians, Chileans … to Chinese and Germans. Without a doubt, they are the most famous streets in Buenos Aires.

Florida Street, in particular, became a pedestrian path on its entire route on July 1, 1971, when a large number of shops, kiosks, clothing stores and banks were concentrated, so if they need anything and do not know where to buy it, Florida Is the best option.

In addition to having a commercial offer along its blocks, through Florida, they cross the main avenues such as Av. Córdoba, Av. Diagonal Norte, and the recognized Av. Corrientes, making it even more representative for the city.

If you walk this emblematic street, you will also find several Galleries such as the Garden Gallery, Boston and Pacific, the latter with a classic and very impressive architectural structure.

Calle Florida is a must stop for the more than 10 million tourists who visit Buenos Aires a year, and as sourvenirs cannot be missed on a trip, there are endless options to carry your memories of Argentina.